A Kairos Holdings Company

Kairos Communications is an independent, creative communications media company with a triple BEE level 1 contributor status. We are an agency that offers comprehensive integrated marketing solutions and bring edgy, individual flair, with commercially-minded ingenuity to you.

We drive innovative marketing strategies and creative advertising campaigns through our CREATE, CONNECT & ACTIVATE principles. This is achieved through our team of experts with a collective experience of over 100 years which consists of creative strategists, social and web developers, industrial designers, project managers and media planners.

We’ve built long lasting partnerships with clientele across a wide variety of industries and brand sectors both locally and globally. Let’s partner today!

Branding and marketing a company is a complex process that involves an understanding of strategy, creativity and consumers. Kairos brings our diverse design expertise to branding, working across a wide variety of sectors. We utilise striking design, streamlined processes and carefully tailored solutions to ensure your customers have a rewarding brand journey.

Creative Strategy

Kairos Communications creative team is made up of marketing strategists, industrial designers, communication experts. Working collaboratively to reach the overall creative objectives. We are all about putting smart thinking into action. We strategically assist our brands within their sphere of influence to generate ideas from concept through to design and into final marketing development that affects brand, product and promotion. 

Network Capabilities

As a network agency we are able to provide products and services to our consumers with extensive brand positioning and consumer reach. Our clients can  position themselves across multiple media platforms that generates return on investment, stimulating market share and creating opportunities that are sustainable. Based on our products and services from concept to end user  our clients are able to resist the overcoming competitive pressure.  

Analytical Approach

Kairos Communications objectively evaluate and analyse your business health, challenges and market trends, organically allowing  the development effectively and  measurable solutions . This actionable research successfully identifies content for marketing and call to action processes. Consumer behaviour gives us insight to provide alignment of  both your products and services to a target market. 

The Big Idea

Striking the unique balance of the communication of creativity and ingenuity drives the framework of consumer attraction , engagement and path to purchase . Conceptualizing deliverable campaigns , allows our clients experience the advantage of Brand positioning and market equity within retail channels. The interface with Brands and their consumers is making channels that decides a favourable outcome which effects both consumers lifestyle and loyalty to your Brand.

Digital Strategy
Kairos communications is a boutique, full service advertising agency that is dedicated to meeting the unique digital media marketing needs of our clients. Our team thrives in a creative environment that facilitates online connections and inspires strategic collaborations. We have created a conducive working environment for creativity that will benefit your unique campaigns in ways that will ensure your campaigns successful.
Online Marketing & E-Commerce
We effectively research who your audiences are, what they are talking about, and on what sites in order to build a strategy that drives engagement and creates visibility and exposure through result driven marketing solution including SEO, PPC and content marketing. We offer e-commerce marketing solutions to drive visitors and increase revenue and sales.
Website Development & Design
As specialists in social media and website development, we understand the value of powerful and feature-rich websites and other smart apps that people can use easily and that promote and grow your brand. We combine science and art to successfully deliver powerful and integrated websites customized to your brand and functional requirements.
Social Media

Our social media services include managing various social media campaigns, lead generation, brand reputation, creating brand awareness and encouraging the sharing of beneficial content across various digital platforms. As a company that thrives on passion and setting ideas free, our goal is to not only help you expand your presence in the world of Social Media, but also to do so as creatively and as effectively as possible.


Print Media

We offer  a complete print solution via the following processes.
  • Lithography
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • Flexography
  • Variable Data

In-House Manufacturing Plant

Our In-house facilities covers all print platforms, latest technologies  with skilled labour allows us effectively to manufacture and offer print and finishing services holistically. This is effective for all route to market solutions as our print and manufacturing plant has everything to realise your marketing dreams.

Book Printing

We specialize in the printing of :
Educational Books | Religious Books | Fiction Books
Non-fiction Books | Coffee Table Books |  Annual Reports
Storybooks | Recipe Books | Corporate Portfolios


Kairos Communications are at the forefront of the ever-changing publishing industry. Possessing the experience and integrity that a great publisher requires, we have been successfully publishing high quality books for the global market.
We offer complete solutions via the following processes.
Text layout | Typesetting  | Editing | Proofreading | Ghost writing | Cover design |Language translations | Research | Transcribing | Printing | Binding | Publishing

Outdoor Media

We take your brand outdoor. We operate in a media market place where an explosion of opportunities means that timely, accurate, and innovative thinking is more important than ever.

Retail Management Solutions

Kairos Communications provide fully managed Retail Display and Point of Sale execution solutions and services in Southern Africa.

Our services include Installations, Maintenance, Instore Audits, Outlet Branding, Warehousing & Distribution in Southern Africa.


Eye catching display is vital for creating impulse sales for your products. The point of purchase should be the focal point of any sales drive, to ensure your products attracts maximum attention with eye-catching point of sale systems. We can print high quality point of sale signs as wells as quality impulse advertising materials to help you increase customer attention. Draw the eye with bright colours and snappy designs as a proven way of driving up purchases. Our POS display options allow you to capitalise on every possible sales opportunity by grabbing the attention of even the most disinterested customer.
Kairos Communications are experts in POS displays for your products including:
  •  Price cards

  • Display Units

  • Gondola Ends

  • Counter signs

  • Shelf wobblers

  • Posters

  • Banners

  • Self-adhesive window signs

  • Backlit displays

  • Headers

  • Washline banners

  • as well as  many other solutions


Veterans of general election print campaigns, we know better than anyone how to adhere to international standards in election printing. We have the perfect range of solutions for your election campaign from manifestos, posters, billboards, promotional wear, volunteer programmes, television, radio, newspaper and aerial advertising.


Radio advertising is powerful, inexpensive, compelling and a ‘tried and tested’ concept that still works today.  The scope of radio reaches millions all over the world.  Even in areas where there is no television there is sure to be the die-hard ‘crackling radio’ that grabs the attention of the news-hungry world.  Radio creates its own listenership by intruding and influencing a captive audience.
We specialise in Corporate Video Production – advertising, infomercial and promotions that will drive your brand right where you want to take it.
We have the infrastructure for:
  • Creating jingles
  • Handling voice overs
  • Background music
  • Doing research
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Media & book buying
  • Voice Over Artists
  • Actors
  • Organising ad shoots
  • Conceptual designing
  • Advising on project feasibility
  • Creative Conceptualisation
  • Script Writing
  • TV & Video Production
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Post Production
Kairos Communications will suggest the best concepts and approach in creating an unforgettable image coupled with a message that would be ‘imprinted’ in the minds of the listeners and viewers.

Training & Development

Why do you need high-impact employee training and development?

Good training and development programs help you keep the right people and grow profit. As the battle for top talent becomes more competitive, employee training and development programs are more important than ever. Hiring top talent takes time and money, and how you engage and develop that talent impacts retention and business growth.

We have a field of qualified expert assessors, moderators and facilitators that train and develop throughout different industries and courses.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Industry in South Africa has an increasing concern for the community at large and Kairos Communications is no exception. Corporate social responsibility is a philosophy of ours and this is evidenced by the many charity organisations we support.

Our Main Foundation that we work closely with Real Love Foundation of which their primary focus is to enrich the lives of those in local and surrounding communities, striving to address the issues associated with poor living conditions, poor educational facilities and existing health care services within impoverished areas. They ensure the enhancement of productivity and transformation in human life, reaching out in love and compassion through practical endeavours.

In recognition of their commitment, their mandate is to mentor sustainable projects that are aimed at accelerating societal reformation, relevant to the various core areas, within local and surrounding communities with various initiatives designed by the foundation that  mobilize and empower  individuals to maximise on their potential to make a positive difference.

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